Basic policy against anti-social forces


Childasset Management Co., Ltd. Joint Venture will establish the following basic policies for antisocial forces, and all officers and employees will work to ensure the appropriateness and safety of operations by complying with the basic policy.

1. Correspondence as an organization

For anti-social forces, we will establish a clear text in the code of conduct, company regulations, etc., and respond as the whole organization below the top management. We will also ensure the safety of our employees in response to antisocial forces.

2. Collaboration with external specialized agencies

We will strive to establish close relationships with outside specialized agencies such as police, violence and expelling movement promotion center and lawyers.

3. All relations cut off including the transaction

For anti-social forces, we cut off all relationships, including business relationships.

4. Legal response of civil and criminal in emergency

We reject unfair demands from antisocial forces and, if necessary, take legal action both in civil and criminal matters.

5. No back trading or funding

We will never engage in back dealings with antisocial forces.
We will never provide funding for anti-social forces.